Livestock Farm Routine: Cleaning

One of our practices on our livestock farm is Cleaning the environment. We clean the farm environment to prevent our animals from falling sick due to disease-causing organisms. It’s said that cleaning the environment removes bacteria by about 90%. The environment includes water, pieces of equipment, and pens.

These are a few routines we do in cleaning our livestock farm:

a.) Keeping water clean


  1. Clean the water troughs, buckets, and cups daily.
  2. Disinfect watering equipment at least twice a year.
  3. Protect all water sources from animal carcasses and manure.
  4. Make sure a regular cleaning schedule of water troughs and tanks is being followed.

b.) Keeping equipment clean


  1. Clean and disinfect any equipment used on sick animals prior to use on healthy herd mates.
  2. Clean and disinfect dehorners, hoof knives, and clippers between animals.
  3. Use our halters and clippers. We don’t borrow them.
  4. Sanitize nursing bottles and buckets after each feeding.

c.) Keeping the pen clean

  1. Microorganisms survive longer in organic soiling. That is why we remove the soiling during the cleaning process. 
  2. We move pregnant animals to clean pastures or paddocks prior to birthing, and we use maternity pens only for birthing animals.
  3. We clean all manure from the pens after use.
  4. We disinfect the walls and floors after use.
  5. We bed the pens before the next animal enters.
  6. We use sick pens only for sick animals.

Our Choice of disinfectant

There are a number of determinant factors of choice of disinfectant. They include likely disease agent(s) present, the level of organic soiling, the type of surfaces to be cleaned and environmental factors. Some specific chemicals are recommended for particular diseases such as sodium hydroxide and citric acid. We keep the livestock farm clean to keep the livestock free from diseases. This is to guarantee good health, productivity, and profit.

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