Grow Financial Stability with Agriculture.

Many people don’t know how safe it is to invest in agriculture, neither do they understand why agriculture is a better investment than any other choice of investment. Whether you are investing to come up with returns that can buy your dream car or house, to fund your business, or to pay for your child’s tuition, investing in agriculture is your best shot because it serves your long term and short term financial plans.

The following are benefits of agro investments:


  • Constance in value: It is predicted that the world population will rise to about 10 BIllion by 2050. Hence an increase in the demand for food. Farm crop like rice is expected to increase on a tremendous scale in Africa especially in Nigeria. As one of the world’s most popular food and the second-highest produced cereal crop, households and the rising business of fast-food will increasingly have a need for it. Used to make several products like liquor, rice farming is one the best agric produce for anyone to invest in.

  • Stable than the stock market: Apparently, farmland will be needed more than ever as the years go by. And that’s because the food will be in constant demand and farmers will have to employ every factor they can to increase production. It will also keep pace with inflation, such that you don’t risk your investment like the stock market where inflation affects interest rates and rise or fall of stock prices is unpredictable.


  • Creation of Generational Assets: Long term farmland and food investment will keep the money for generations. It’s the reason Aliko Dangote, the richest man in Africa, stated that he was investing $1B in modern integrated rice mills and commercial rice farming in Nigeria after he had already acquired about 150 hectares of farming land in five states of Nigeria. With the high costs and duties associated with importing rice into Nigeria and the introduction of favourable incentives that promote local production, investing in rice farming today is an assurance of a share in the self-sufficient industry fast emerging.


  • Excellent opportunity for high returns:  Unlike stock investments, agricultural investments guarantees returns on investment. Investment experts always advise people who have shares to invest in other bonds and certificates of deposit. Added to all these is the risk of losing all your investment or being paid last if the company goes broke or files bankruptcy. On the contrary, if you invest in Selema rice you are guaranteed a return of 30% after 9 months.


  • Social and economic benefits: Investing in agriculture supports global feeding, by keeping farmers in business. Income realized from the agricultural sector is used for other basic needs, especially families who have farms as their only source of income. Income realized from agriculture also adds to national income and encourages industrialization. 


Billionaire and well-respected investment analyst, Jim Rogers said, “Agriculture, in my view, is one of the best places to be in the next thirty years. All these people getting MBAs are making terrible mistakes as far as I’m concerned—they should be getting farming degrees,” he continued, “Over the next few years, I think agricultural projects are going to be one of the best investments and agriculture is going to be one of the best industries in the whole world.”

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