Benefits of Crossbreeding Cattle.

Crossbreeding is the process of mating livestock of different breeds, with the intention to create offspring that share the traits of both parent lineages. There are two main reasons for crossbreeding cattle:

Better production levels: Farmers crossbreed their cattle to improve fitness or fertility traits, as well as to improve milk production and beef production of dairy and beef cattle respectively. This is because crossbreeding causes new combinations of genetic materials that lead to production advantages above that of the two-parent breed/strains. 

For example, certain breeds of cows in developed countries produce 30L a day, while certain breeds in developing countries produce 1-2L per day. Crossbreeding of breeds from these different regions allow increased milk production levels of product breeds. 

  • Production of end product fitting market requirements: Crossbreeding allows the farmers to control their livestock production in order to meet the requirements of their target market. They effectively do this by first knowing their current production levels according to the economically important traits, such as fertility trait, and then determining what standard they need to get to. By crossbreeding, the farmer is able to achieve results that fit the market requirements. 

These are the major reasons farmers crossbred cattle. 

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